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Frequently asked questions Answered.

How Much Do You Charge For Roofing?

We get asked this question quite often and we are more than happy to provide this information as we like to be as transparent as possible with our customers.

Our prices for our roof work can really depend on many factors, such as, whether or not we have to remove old material or not, the pitch/slope of your roof, the type of material being installed, and if some other extra work is required within the project. So we don’t have a set price that we use for each and every project.

That said, we do charge anywhere in the range from, $550 per square, to, $1,250 per square. But for an average roofing project, normally we charge around $950 per square.

How Long Does It Take To Finish a Roofing Project?

The answer to this question varies for a number of reasons, One being supply delays, that can consist of the supplier not having the material in stock or not being able to ship the material on time. And two, the weather. We try and work whenever we can and in a timely manner, but weather can turn for the worst sometimes and we will have to postpone the project until the weather improves. This is normally not a problem in the late spring and summer time.

The time a project will take can also depend on the size of the project, as a larger sized project will require more time to complete than a smaller sized project.

But if everything goes according to plan and with no delays, for an average sized project. It should be completed within 2-4 days, again depending on the size and scope of the project.

How Long Have You Been In Business For?

We have been under the name 4Way Roofing LTD. for about 6 years now, but before then we we’re under a different name until we rebranded to 4Way Roofing LTD.

So in total including the time before we rebranded, We’ve been in business for 17 years and have a combined staff industry experience of 32 years

Do You Guys Have Roof Insurance?

Absolutely we do! We have full and up to date liability insurance covered by the provincial W.C.B. If any accident were to occur on your property, know that we have it backed up and will handle it accordingly.